Vegan Chickpea Flour Pancakes

(gluten-free | dairy-free | egg-free). 30 Days PCOS Challenge - Day 4. I don't have any restrictions over eggs, actually. But during the searching of gluten & dairy free pancakes, i stumbled upon this vegan recipe from that seemed really tasty. Ok, might as well make it vegan then! Not gonna lie, this pancake is... Continue Reading →


Snacking, A (Not So) New Meaning

Snacking, A (Not So) New Meaning Throughout the years, the word snacking has been demonized as "devouring a big bag of 'mecinized' potato chips, and not stopping until it's finished 😂". As PCOS fighter, i have to recover its original meaning which is "eating nutritious, properly-portioned food between meals". Aside from fruits as healthy go-tos,... Continue Reading →

Pan Seared Gindara with Sauteed Veggies (PCOS Recipe)

Ikan Gindara dengan Tumis Sayuran  As part of my diet to fight PCOS, i try to cook more fish in many different ways. Have you ever eaten gindara/escolar before? A lot of articles show that you should not eat too much gindara because they are super oily and can probably affect your digestion.  However, the... Continue Reading →


There’s Something Unspoken About The Dark

Tom Hanks' movie Inferno (2016) might not be his best one, but watching it has  brought me back to one of my favourite spots in Istanbul: Basilica Cistern. It is the largest ancient cistern (rainwater reservoir) that lies underground, beneath the city of Istanbul. Even with the flickering half light down there i could see... Continue Reading →


Mari Main ke Polres Brooklyn 99

Bagi saya, salah satu serial komedi terlucu dan tersegar dalam dekade ini adalah Brooklyn Nine-Nine dari FOX. Mau ditonton sampai berulang-ulang pun, B99 selalu bisa membuat saya tertawa dan bahkan, menyentuh hati saya dengan berbagai cara. B99 kerap mengangkat isu keberagaman dengan jokes cerdas, ringan dan menghibur. Serial ini juga sering mereferensi pop culture lain mulai dari Harry... Continue Reading →


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